Hostal Management Software

A hostel management system (HOMASY) was designed to provide a computerized process that is stress free, reliable and quick through the use of PHP computer programming language and MySQL database application to both the students and the staff in charge of the registration and hostel management processes. HTML would be at the front-end and provide the graphical user interface that relates with the user, while the MySQL database will be at the back-end to handle the data storage process. The porter and students' affairs officers will also be able to access and create student records with ease and regular update of student profile is enhanced when adopted. The usual practice of filing and procedures involved in students' registration and hostel accommodation in Lagos State University and other university was appraised for efficiency, economics and time management. The existing procedure was formed to be manually carried out. This is associated with inadequacies as more personnel are often required and a lot of times are wasted while the semester is on with lectures and other activities.