Fee Management

Schools are increasingly moving towards an automated age of cloud, mobile and big data analytics. There are good many reasons why schools should implement the strategy of collecting payments through cloud and mobile based fee management system. It would be desirable for any type of public and private institutions to automate billing/fee collection and drive greater revenue, while saving 90% of manual work.

Fee management system solves many problems for schools and helps parents to keep track of fee payments in real time. No more manual records or calculations on sheets of paper. Using the fee accounting and financial management software, students and parents can use the latest technology tools to connect various departments such as admission, finance, transport, hostel, library and more. This will result in wider engagement and improved efficiency in educational institutions with synchronization of data on fee collections. Student’s fee collection and unpaid fee details can be accessed on mobile devices including iPhone and Android from anywhere and anytime, beyond the campus.

Let’s look into some of the key benefits of implementing an automated fee management system:
1. User-friendly
Feel the difference of implementing automated software into your system in few easy steps. It makes the users feel comfortable with user-friendly and easy handling of fee processing in a paperless environment.
2. Account Management
Create student profiles with demographic information, contact details and parent information. Track and post fees for admission, hostel, library, and other activities in student accounts.
3. Security
Fee automation system is highly secure with easy account management and role-based access control in a multi-user environment.
4. Quick Payments
Make fee remittances faster from website and mobile devices using secure payment gateways to provide students and parents with hassle-free processing and automatic generation of fee receipts.
5. Customizable & Flexible